barely spun, burly spun…celebrate them both

Come Celebrate the Grand Opening of the Electric Street Knitting Room

Oh yes  some of you have wondered if I have left hooking for knitting….not a chance.

Instead I am turning knitters into hookers and hookers into knitters. It is our mission at the studio to keep everyones’s hands busy all the time. We have found that most of you do both.

We have also found that yarns for knitting are good for hooking, and yarns for hooking are good for knitting.

We are having a party to celebrate on Saturday and we are having the World’s Best Cinnamon Buns made by Janie Allen of Oatcake Fame. We’ll have a few oatcakes too, how can we not. We’ll also have 15% off all yarns on Saturday including our exclusive Lichen and Lace, hand dyed by Megan, and our Burly Spun, which is one of the best yarns for hooking rugs, or knitting up a quick cowl.

We just also received new shipments of Noro and Lichen and Lace. It is all so lovely, whether you hook or knit it is waiting to be running through your fingers.

Megan and Brenda will be there to answer any knitting puzzles. I’ll be there to pour,my dear, cause I can only knit and hardly purl, but I am passionate about my knitting already.

My hooking is going along pretty sweet too. I have about twelve to fifteen rugs you have never laid eyes on hidden away for my new book. It is a fine time at the studio.

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5 thoughts on “barely spun, burly spun…celebrate them both

  1. Your comment, “It is our mission at the studio to keep everyones’s hands busy all the time,” reminds me of my grandmother with whom I used to knit. She always said, “Busy hands are happy hands, my dear.” To this day I can’t sit down without having something in my hands: knitting, quilting, sewing, or more recently, rug hooking!.


  2. I pray one of these years I’ll get to visit. Love that burly, too. We spied a van last winter with Nova Scotia on it’s plate. We live in Florida and wondered if those two women were wintering here with us. Maybe someone could bring a class to our town. Just dreaming. lol Sounds like a delicious gathering of artistic gals & guys.


  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. Have a great day. Lots happening in the next few weeks with the Fibre Festival coming up! Enjoy.


  4. Oh, what fun!!! I don’t think friend Debbie will be there by Saturady, but who knows?! They’ll be in Thunder Bay tonight or tomorrow…not sure how ‘leisurely’ their trip is…

    But they’ll be there eventually, and will love the Knitting Room!

    Actually, I think I’ll get her to check your blog…


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