Monday Lunch when you are friends with Heather

Heather is pretty unassuming. she is quiet, and she has been my friend since our kids were in playgroup. Now they are in university.
When she asks you to lunch you just say yes. On a Monday at one we had salad nicoise, open faced pear sandwiches with goat cheese and walnuts, and pavlova for dessert. I had never had salad nicoise even though I had studied it in french class. It is special.
So some friends can cook. Heather is one of them. We gabbed for two hours over our lunch, had seconds on the pavlova, told a few stories and just relished the food. She had invited two other friends as well.
Tonight for supper I feel like I should make some magic like Heather did but my guess is there is not a can of cream of mushroom soup in her cupboard.





3 thoughts on “Monday Lunch when you are friends with Heather

  1. I can see why you said YES. How delicious all the food looks, beautifully presented.Heather should go into the restaurant business!Glorious coloured flowers.


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