Who stole Judy’s Sweater?

Vivian came today as she had knit a sample sweater for us that we could use in the studio. Today she brought us an incredible sweater.

There is a little problem though. It fits me perfectly.

Judy, our model, likes it to. In fact Judy needs it more than me, because Judy works here in the studio night and day. She just stands there and looks lovely in her new grey sweater and her cedar leaf shawl.

But I thought to myself, Judy should share.

I took the sweater right off her back, tried it on. It fit me perfectly. Vivian made that sweater for me I think, and actually, I am lending it to Judy.

I like Judy a lot. She is quiet and pretty, unassuming, but as long as we keep the heat on here, she is not going to need that sweater. I on the other hand will be braving the cold.

Judy and I will work it out. We’ll have to share.

Thank You Vivian for your handwork. It is beautiful.

IMG_7295 IMG_7291 IMG_7297 IMG_7294Judy

6 thoughts on “Who stole Judy’s Sweater?

  1. Well, the truth is that I did knit it for you! I’m so pleased that you like it, and if Judy minds your borrowing it, she’d better speak up…lol!


  2. How you make me smile and sometimes laugh when I read your blog. Thank-you, Deanne. By the way , I was a Beaver Leader at one time when my boys were in the Scouting Movement and SHARING, SHARING, SHARING was our motto. It was and is a very good Motto. From today’s entry, I see you have that Motto front and center as you ponder on exactly where that new sweater will end up. Beautiful sweater, for sure!


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