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Yesterday at work we had a conversation about real life, and how sometimes on Facebook, blogs,  and the internet we are just shown the sweet side of a person’s life. I know , even here we write about what is cooking, what we are making, and all the lovely stuff that goes on. The other night, my son and his friend were talking about exactly the same thing, how on Facebook people always show what they want the world to see. It is natural enough. We are not going to put up pictures of under the cushions in our couch, unless we just cleaned it ….

I guess it is kinda like how we used to feel about Martha Stewart, or those fine decorating magazines, except now we feel it about half the people we know. We know about everyones trips, their activities, their birthdays, the parties they go to. It’s all on the blog.The pictures are on Facebook. No one ever takes pictures of their weeks worth of unfolded laundry. Maybe we need to. Maybe , we as women should take the pressure off each other a little.

For example, I have never shown you my messy hall closet that hangs over me. I have never told you that when I do not know what to do with something I just stuff it in there, throw it actually and shut the door. This hall closet is so stuffed I can no longer walk in there. It contains things from ten years ago that no one wants anymore. I never clean it, I just stuff it. That’s the truth.

So today on the blog I am telling you something about myself that is just as real as the books I write, and the rugs I make.

It is a confession of sorts.

It is an honest admission that all the pretty things you see here are filtered and that life goes on in every house much like it does in yours.

I am taking the heat off anyone who might be like me and  when they read a blog where everything is just hunky dory, and you think I wish they’d give me the whole perspective because here I am just getting the polished version and the polished version can make my life look slightly burnished.

We all know, at this age, that life is full of everything, not just the idyllic. I love my life, don’t get me wrong. I love what I do.

I like to be honest here, so I am using the hall closet pictures below, just so we both know that there is laundry, and dishes, and unswept floors, and cranky kids, and whining, and contrariness, and all the rest of it everywhere, and this we combine with beauty , love, depth, and honesty and together we all, each and everyone one of us, do all we can to make the best of it.

So  if all the whitewashing puts any pressure on you to be something different than you are, be assured you can create beauty everyday just by being yourself…

Just be yourself,  there is something so lovely about honesty,

Just keep it real…..







22 thoughts on “just keeping it real – my hall closet

  1. Given all the responses to this entry I think we should start a magazine about “how life really looks”. Then women all over wouldn’t feel like they are “suppose” to be superhuman. I think it would be a huge hit. A newer updated form of women’s liberation.
    I have a magnet on my fridge to remind me when I get caught up in it all… “Good mothers have sticky floors, dirty ovens have happy kids!”


  2. Thanks for keeping it real! We all have a messy spot in our homes.:) Deanne, Rescue the teddy bear and hook him a vest! Happy hooking!


  3. I have been in the hooking world for 42 years and finally have decided to purge my craft/laundry/and in a pinch, guest room of the excess. This room is 10 x 24, windows on three sides, and while light and bright it is full to the brim.

    I have spent hours and will spend more organizing the stuff I will never use and I am selling it at a hook-in to fund raise for the Hooked Rug Museum of North America in Hubbards, Nova Scotia.

    It feels good to give away and know what you have left.

    Hugh Conrod, the co-founder with his wife Suzanne, sadly passed away on Sunday, September 16. Bon voyage, Hugh.

    And Holly, I have had 2 knee surgeries and the journey to recovery is well worth it. Please accept my condolences in the loss of your son, an awful thing to happen.


  4. I have rooms like this, but every time I try to clean and purge, I put things back.{ I might need that some day} We have all heard that one from some where deep within.


  5. Oh my…how timely! Just spent the entire day with my friend, a crafts person…about seven hours in my loft…which I hope, one day, to call my ‘studio’! I, at 75, will never be able to use all the arts and crafts supplies in that space…My friend and I emptied many containers…some of the best items/projects went home with my friend…we still have at least another day’s worth of sorting and giving away…it was so liberating! This (along with the upper shelf in the master bedroom closet) is my “hall closet”…however, by clearing the table top and the top of my lower cabinets, I have made room for more wool shelves…and a place to hook in front of a sunny window…a place to “Create Beauty Everyday”…that is my goal…and just so you know, there is cat hair on the rug and popcorn kernels under the couch cushions…dishes in the sink…things to put away…I’ll get to them tomorrow…..thanks, Deanne…I’m keeping it real! (Sorry I have no photos)………………C


  6. What a breath of fresh air, to read this post. I’ve got dirty dishes piled high on the counter as I type this. They’ll wait.


  7. I had to smile at the picture with the “Cadoo” game…I just got rid of one of these myself. My kids have outgrown our downstairs “family room” and it has become much like your hall closet, complete with bins and games and such. Life is messy! That’s what keeps it interesting


  8. Love the blog. Have thought those thoughts many times. My one dream is to have the house spotless from top to bottom, something baked, sitting on the counter and a wonderful meal in the oven. Then I could sit and hook without guilt. Doesn’t sound like a dream that is unsurmountable, but to date it has never happened. Thanks for helping me see I’m in the normal range and I’ll keep dreaming!


  9. Love it Deanne! I used to drive myself crazy over the state of my everyday house when I used to look at House and Home magazines or others. My husband called it “house porn”. When he put it that way I stopped buying the magazines and am much happier with our REAL lived-in home. And my kids and husband are much happier with me!
    Right now we are up to our eyeballs in boxes because the basement reno starts in a couple of weeks. Have to admit I have done a fair amount of purging of the basement because there is no way there will be enough storage space for everything to go back down there again.


  10. Thank-you, Deanne , I thoroughly enjoyed this reading tonight that you so beautifully put together. I, too, have a closet that is way too full. In fact , every day I go at it with great intentions , only to have the day fly by much too fast bringing me back to square one! But , I have found many treasures that I forgot I had poked in there for safe keeping, so that was a real bonus on my tidying up project. Oh yes, the familiar games of Monopoly, Risk and Clue that I spotted in your photos brought back a few memories of our boys and the many game nights that were held here.
    Guess those pumpkin lights will soon be shining, hey!
    I do love your blog, Deanne.


  11. Thanks Deanne – I needed this message right now. I just had knee surgery, and that was following a huge loss, my son’s passing, and I am feeling so guilty about my messy house. This validated me in a big way – thanks for being REAL. Maybe I can allow myself the same consideration. blessings


  12. I love your closet! Especially the stacking going on with the green tubs and beyond. It’s an exact replica of my basement. I like to see how high I can stack before it all comes tumbling down….and I’m usually upstairs enjoying myself with some hooking or needlework when i hear it crash….and I just smile because I know it will get to my husband long before it bothers me:)


  13. Reassuring and refreshing, what a lovely thing to read! Totally agree about us women needing to help take the pressure off each other and stop pretending, embrace honesty. I have little pockets of ‘hall closet syndrome’ all over my house, mainly under work tables and behind doors and under beds and I am fine with that!


  14. Thank you! Have noticed less Fakebook activity as facebook becomes more a part of our daily lives. Or maybe I just don’t interact with the friends who post that way so eventually I don’t even see their posts anymore. The pal who put her very fancy new stove up as her profile picture? Bye.


  15. OK, this is one of your finest! Thank you for softening those unrealistic expectations that sneak into lives and create havoc. Let’s get real people! Just close that door and create something of beauty, everyday. 😉


  16. Lol , I have been trying to clean out an upstairs closet for the past two days! I realized yesterday that I was just shifting the junk around not actually cleaning out! When I start to throw away , I start thinking of all the things I have thrown out over the years that I regret . Thanks or your honesty!


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