Zuchini Lasanga

Zuchini is the most plentiful vegetable around here this tome of year. In fact, the joke goes that people start to lock their cars in the fall in case someone tries to put some zuchini in it. It is shared, let us say that.

Last night I made a zuchini lasagna that used zuchini to replace the noodles. It was pretty tasty.

I took a can of crushed tomatoes, and spiced it with oregano, garlic, and basil.

Then I layered the zuchini, and tomato sauce, and added a layer of fresh spinach and a layer of ricotta in the middle, followed by another layer of zuchini and tomato sauce. I then topped it with a thick layer of mozzarella and baked it at 350 for 40 minutes.

It was good. Though you know I did think it would be tasty with some pasta on the side.


2 thoughts on “Zuchini Lasanga

  1. You can try it the other way next time! I have a delicious recipe for Chocolate zucchini yogart muffins, shown in the L.C.B.O. Food and Drink magazine put out free by them


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