Look with Lorna

Last week Catherine was here for the afternoon doing some photography for the studio and her daughter Charlotte came along for a visit.  She was going to write her driver’s license later that day so she had her hair all pined up so it would be curly for her picture. I remember my Mother doing this with me only she used brown paper bags to tie the hair up. I had to laugh that she was trying to get her hair to have curls and I was trying to get mine straight.

Charlotte is crafty but has never tried crocheting before until Brenda was showing us this cute scarf she had made the day before. Well it wasn’t long before Brenda had Charlotte all set up and crocheting. She finished her scarf in a couple of hours and was exciting about making more for Christmas presents.








5 thoughts on “Look with Lorna

  1. What a great place for Charlotte to relax in before taking her driver’s test. There is so much going on at the studio these days, not just rug hooking. Charlotte looks lovely with her curly locks. Brenda smashing too as usual. Perhaps I will make a visit sometime in 2014??


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