Balmy Friday

We had time for our ten minute knitting club at the studio today. It was the first time this week. There are still lots of people travelling and we are glad to see them. Megan made a big pot of tea this afternoon and it was gone in no time. I think on a rainy day people are glad of a cup of hot tea. It rained hard here off and on all day.

I also hooked this morning until it got too warm. We had a balmy day here today. I just love the word balmy… It is so descriptive. So I stopped hooking and started writing. Then when the rain came I picked up my hook and finished my little rug. It is a pillow. I did a fall flowers and a winter flowers pillow for the new book. They came out quite nice. The writing for the new book is almost done the first draft. It has been read by two people so far for the first reading.

Tomorow we will be having the Harvest Moon workshop. I got everything ready this week so it’s off to a good start already.

Our grapes are ready, and waiting for the birds. They always get to them before us because they are not sweet until after the first frost. Mostly we grow grape vines for the leaves to roll them with meat and rice. I also find the grapes really pretty.

This weekend I want to fo dome cooking. Sometimes I cook up a big feast and it is gone in a flash when half the soccer team comes over. This weekend I plan to cook up a feed or two. I might just call someone spur of the moment to eat with us!


3 thoughts on “Balmy Friday

  1. Those grapes look delicious. Our Greek neighbours grow grapes for the same reason — to make dolmatos (don’t think I spelled that right). At least the birds get to enjoy the grapes.


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