Keeping the hands busy

I wrote my little heart out today and something lovely came out of that I think. I am preparing gor our big October workshop. Lots done, lots left to do.
We are also working on the Fibre Arts Festival. It looks very good this year. Lots of great planning gone into it.

It was very busy in the studio. Yesterday we had a bus tour from Ontario. We made them a little lunch with help from Fran at the deli. It was very nice to see a big bus parked out ftont. They were all rug hookers and most stayed about an hour and a half in the studio. Lots of tea was poured.

The knitting room brings in lots of new people who live in town to the studio. It is really fun to see who is actually knitting. Lots of knitters in Amherst.

We have started a ten minute knitting or hooking club in the studio. When there is time all of us who eork there will take a break for ten minutes just to do handwork. It is kinda nice to treat ourselves to a few moments. Last night I watched lots of tv and forgot to knit! I was reminded today when I did my ten minutes at work.


6 thoughts on “Keeping the hands busy

  1. You’ll be knitting like that in no time Deanne! Look at your rug hooking compared to when you began! I bought a book with step-by-step instructions for various stitches for knitting. It is a lovely book with lots of colourful pictures and some easy projects that are decent looking. I really don’t know where I think I’m going to find time to do this with work and school and everything else. But I’ll see — maybe next spring when all the baseball starts I can start something to be done by fall. I’m sure it will take me that long with all the tear outs. LOL


  2. Is that the scarf (I’m drawing a blank on what it is actually called) you knitted Deanne? It’s lovely. The shade of green will contrast nicely with your dark hair.
    A 10 minute knitting/hooking “club” for those of you at the studio sounds fun. Do you just do it spontaneously?
    If it is the same group from Ontario as I think it is, there might have been 2-3 people from the Etobicoke Rugcrafters. I heard a few people talking about a fall bus trip down east back in the spring. Will have to ask at our large annual gathering on October 1st!. Finally made it to the group this past Tuesday for the first time since I attended the workshop at your studio in June. It was good to get back.
    Have fun with the Fibre Festival preparations!


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