I planted a whole package of sunflowers and only a few came up. today the blossom peeked out at me. it is as tall as my door. It made me happy as I pulled into my drive way. Nothing prettier.

Today was really busy in the studio. I began working on a new design and have it all outlined. We also fixed up the website shop a bit, making sure it was up to date.

This weekend was exciting with Rockabilly Festival in town. We had plenty of good music and there was lots of interesting outfits around town. Polka dots would be the theme I think.

We had a reader request…Rebecca Humphreys was wondering if anyone wanted to call her if you can give her a drive (902-877-6879) she is attending the three day create beauty everyday workshop in October. She is coming ftom Halifax.


2 thoughts on “Sunflower

  1. Beautiful sunflower, Deanne. A few days ago, I was looking through my husband’s art books and was fascinated by Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Seeing how I had just completed a rug on my Cheticamp frame and was anxious to design something and get ready to hook the Fall away , the obvious choice was to attempt a vase of sunflowers. I have really enjoyed sketching since taking your course and now I have confidence in designing my own work. Thank-you for that. So tonight as I checked your blog and discovered your beautiful picture, I now feel even more inspired.
    I look forward to your surprise you mentioned in an earlier blog.


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