knitting and bananas

Well my head is no longer smarting from the bang I got earlier in the week. Both children are back in school. One is twenty, the other sixteen. They require little of me to get them back in the swing of things. I do a little laundry, and they go about their business. It is September, that lovely month when we savour routine. Last night I baked a chicken. The house was damp and cold. I stuffed it with Quinoa, onion, feta , cranberries and celery. Then I made these quinoa and chick pea burgers, thinking I would have lots of food around for my family and friends that come and go.

With in minutes, my daughter walked in with three from her soccer team after soccer try outs. We devoured it all happily. After supper I showed the girls a great trick. It is this:

If you take a Kraft Caramel, and put it in your mouth with a few salted peanuts you have salted caramel, and it is really good. I went for a walk and they finished the bag of caramels and put a dent in the peanuts. I love feeding them it is a pleasure. Especially when I have good trick pony like that to show them. Who needs dessert when you are smart.

Like my daughter, she just melts some peanut butter and chocolate chips together and eats it. Who needs to make a pan of squares when you got that trick.

Salted peanuts are also good on ice cream. I just wanted you to know that in case you ever needed it. Particularly good on maple walnut ice cream.

Ice cream is a great staple. Like you can just fry a banana in butter, throw on some pecans and maple syrup , put it over ice cream, and pretend you are in a restaurant. You can even go out and leave the dishes in the sink, and maybe someone will do them while you are out. Let me know how that goes.

So then, after they ate us out of house and home, which truthfully, I love,  I made a Chicken Soup, the first soup of the fall.

The evening was cold so I even shut the studio windows that remain open til October usually.

I love the chill of the fall. You get to wear your sweaters. You get to wear your scarves. I wore my second knitted scarf to work today. The first one has to be unravelled. The third one is on round needles and is coming along nicely.

Did you know you can get real whipped cream in a can? It comes out in a nice swirl.

Is it really real I wonder ? This week I am going to buy a can, and I am going to show the soccer girls my fried banana trick, and I am going to embellish it with the cream. Fried bananas are not very pretty.

Sweaters and ice cream, I have to tie this post together, and the thing they have in common, is well, they both can sometimes benefit from a little embellishment, or of course some times each are perfectly good on their own. How was that?

A stretch? Sweaters are stretchy but not bananas.

Perhaps you have had enough of this. I’ll stop now and let you get back to your handwork.

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8 thoughts on “knitting and bananas

  1. That was wonderful! Reminds me of old times…when one of my daughters was in college within about an hour from our home at that time, we would come home to find our cupboards depleted of snacks and sweets…her thing was to leave the cupboard doors open, so we always knew what crew had come through…
    I love that you know how to enjoy it to the fullest…it won’t last forever…we just sent this same daughter’s son off to college…bittersweet…he’s right where he needs to be and he loves it, but we miss him…time to switch gears…moving on to a new era…it’s all good.


  2. One other neat food trick a friend taught me. Put salted peanuts and candy corn in your mouth at the same time. It tastes like a salted nut roll. A great fall treat to have sitting around.


  3. Enjoyed the relaxed ramblings of the blog today Deanne. Just putting down the thoughts as they came to you. A little like a conversation I had with a friend today — all over the place, no rhyme nor reason.
    I have to admit by the end of reading the entry I was laughing and wondering if that bang on your head might have done some harm after all… LOL 🙂 Between “baked a chicken. The house was damp and cold. I stuffed it with Quinoa, onion, feta , cranberries and celery” (it sounds like you stuffed the house — I had to do a double take) and the sweaters-ice cream-banana-whipped cream musings. I hope you know I’m just joking.
    The whipped cream in a can (if you get the one that says real whipped cream and has milk products in it) is real. It is really good with pumpkin pudding or pie which I will be making soon (the little pie pumpkins were in the market today). I’ve also fried bananas with maple syrup and a little fresh lemon juice and served it with ice cream or yogurt. It is very yummy. Now I’m hungry!


  4. I’m left wondering how many coffees you had this afternoon. Hehehe. P.S. I tried leaving the dishes in my sink. Nothing happens


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