Catherine Bussiere: short and sweet

We are moving my son to Halifax today
it’s a grey, warmish, drizzly day
the sun is trying to come out
a bright suggestion behind the clouds

thinking of it, I feel just the same
I am somewhat sad yet excited for the change in my son’s life

wings spreading
ready to take on the world
well, the Halifax world for now
one step at a time sunshine

my son is excited this morning
you have to know him to notice
I like to think of him as the Buster Keaton of the family
nothing ever seems to alter his mood

this morning though he is busy, attentive, sweet
his laptop is packed
bags, bed frame, mattress ready to go
he is vacuuming his bedroom!

last night I filled a box with some cooking essentials
going over what pot is good for what
when he is settled in today we’ll hit the grocery store
make sure he has what is needed to start cooking for himself

short and sweet is life
is a season
is the time it takes for a child to grow







4 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: short and sweet

  1. Thank-you, Catherine …. It brought back memories for me as we would see our sons leave the nest to venture into the world and lay paths of their own. Recently my husband showed me a beautiful YOU TUBE short video called NOTES TO MY SON …. TODAY IS FOR YOU. It had inspirational quotes, excerpts and images set to music from author Vesna Bailey’s award winning gift book called NOTES to my SON BEFORE YOU GO. Both book and video are so beautiful …. I really enjoyed them and hope that maybe you will, too.
    By the way, I just wrote this comment about 10 minutes ago, but for some strange reason, it went into cyberspace before I could send it. Please excuse if it happens to land back this way making my comments duplicated. Sorry this is so long. Good luck to your son in this new chapter in his life.


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