Look with Lorna

I would like you to meet Joann, Ida, Mary and Melodey.

I was out running a few errands one day and when I returned these 4 lovely ladies were sitting at the table enjoying a nice cup of tea and  oatcake.I had just assumed they were traveling together by the conversation and laughter. As a little time went by I heard one of the ladies asking questions about where the other ladies lived. I had to interrupt then and ask “are you guys are not traveling together?” No they said, “We just met here in the studio”. I was totally shocked.  To hear them talk you would have thought they were old friends. I guess that is the wonderful thing about rug hooking or any craft really, it can bring people together so easily.

Aug 19, 2013 006

One thought on “Look with Lorna

  1. Love the beautiful hooked rug being done! I agree, Lorna ……….. crafts can really bring people together easily forming friendships which often last a lifetime.


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