Growing nicely

The knitting room looks so full now compared to when I took this picture just a month ago. We have it well stocked with great yarns for knitting and hooking. It makes the studio feel so big now that we have all those extra rooms. We are getting some great samples knitted up. Today we received a lovely pair of knitted fingerless gloves in Noro.
Megan also knit a leaf shawl and we bought a lace Judy to hang it on.
We are busting at the seams with wool and yarn. I love all the new wool and came home tonight with a shirt and a skein to make a purse.

Today we got a new bale of recycled shirts for rug hooking and we washed the first bale and put them out. We had many many visitors today who really enjoyed spending a long time in the studio looking around. In the middle of it all I took a little break and went to the deli for baked besns and gishcakes. She had made a fresh salsa with green tomatoes and apples. I asked for seconds on the salsa and of course Fran generously delivered it.

The long weekend is starting but I do not have any big plans, just a nice weekend at home. I think I will start it off though with dinner out …



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