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Weirdly enough , I mostly write at the downtown studio. I am always writing for my books, my blog, or online courses and this is alot of how I spend my time. Unlike my rug hooking, I love being distracted from my writing. I can barely drag my arse out of the chair to grab a bite to eat when I am hooking a rug. When I write, though I am all a flitter. I am like a house fly, buzz buzz, buzz, lighting from one idea to another. I jump up at the opportunity to go out to greet someone when they walk in the door. I go to the store for milk. I rinse out the sink and do the dishes even. Anything that will let me get up from my chair. This is not good, you know, but it is who I am, and I am used to it. So I discipline myself.

Today when someone walked in, I got up and met them and offered her a cup of tea. She said, “You are a goddess” , just for offering her a cup of tea. She meant it, right at the moment, she meant it, because she was dying for a drop of tea. it is such a simple offering really. A bag in a cup, a bit of hot water, but it warms you up so good, and makes you feel as if you belong somewhere. We are glad here to offer you a cup of tea. Sometimes we are over run and cannot, but I tell you if we don’t offer, just tell us you are putting on the kettle for yourself. We’ll be ok with that.

A bit of tea is a bit of comfort, a release from the simple stresses that sometime overwhelm us. It is a tiny retreat on an ordinary day. So it’s nice to think that just for a minute you were the goddess of tea for someone. That you offered them a cup of warmth, and that you softened their day just a little, and made their way a bit more comfortable.

Today, my friend, Carol, told me that her daughter has a tattoo that states her life philosophy.

I said, “What is it?”

And she said, “Be Nice”

As always, it is the simplest of things. We can write ourselves a mission statement that is twenty pages long, or we can just adopt a simple philosophy like, be kind, be good, be nice, the same words our mothers admonished us with when we were five and misbehaving.

Be kind.

Be Good.

Be Nice.

Be the Goddess of Tea.




9 thoughts on “goddess of tea

  1. Sandie, I completely agree with you. I work in health care (nurse) and I am appalled at the lack of “kindness, niceness” I see everyday. And nursing (and health care in general) is SUPPOSE to be about caring. If you can’t find it there, how are we going to find it in average big business or every day politics.
    Kind Moms-of-the-World, take charge and spread the word!
    That is why elephants live in such gentle peace (when they aren’t being attacked by greedy poachers) — they are a matriarchial “society”.


  2. Lovely post, there is nothing like a cup of tea, especially an unexpected cup!
    Today I read this: ‘If you can’t be kind, be quiet’ A lovely and simple philosophy.


  3. I just walked in the door from buying a new inexpensive white tea pot and was hoping to sit down and enjoy a cup with the latest issue of Rug Hooking magazine when I saw on Facebook the caption ‘Goddess of Tea’ and had to sit down and read your blog. You are so right, it does reduce the stress of the day even if it is for only as long as it takes to drink a cup. Thank you for offering a cup, I think I will have one. Bless you.


  4. Can this be reposted? Especially the part about the tea? I love it, and have several friends I think would enjoy it too.


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