Maritime Mary: Lobster ‘Do’

Hello blog readers! Today is first of perhaps many blogs here for me on Deanne’s site and I am looking forward to sharing bits of our Maritime way of life with our readers. I have the good fortune to be retired and working here in the studio one day a week. Each time I enter, I am thrilled to be surrounded by a the fabulous colours and textures in this beautiful shop.
Enough about me….

August brings with it celebrations that involve wrapping up summer vacations, and for my family that means that it’s time for the traditional Lobster ‘Do’, as we lovingly refer to our annual cottage party.

There is no quiet intro into this event. You drive in, are embraced by all in welcome and you reconnect. We’ve lost many in this family group, but babies are born, and friends are warmly welcomed. We speak of old times and of those no longer with us and we miss and ask about those unable to attend. We are an eclectic group who enjoy each other.

Lobster is enjoyed in true Maritime style, at picnic tables in the great outdoors. There are steamed mussels and the barbeque gets fired up. Salads and yummy sweets are shared.

As darkness approaches, a beautiful fire is started and everyone dons jackets to ward off the late summer evening chill for a walk to the beach for our annual fireworks display. This year, as the last firework lightened up the sky, we were treated to an orange waning moon rising slowly over the horizon. Magical!

The star of the day however, is always the reconnection with those to whom we are connected.



4 thoughts on “Maritime Mary: Lobster ‘Do’

  1. Hi Mary,
    It was a pleasure meeting you at Deanne’s workshop in June. I enjoyed reading about your annual end of summer tradition. The lobster looks yummy. We have our own tradition to look forward to this weekend but on a much smaller scale. No lobster, fireworks or ocean for us but we have Lake Ontario, the air show and traditional homemade ceasar salad (including the coddled egg, anchovies and lots of freshly squeezed lemon and garlic) and BBQ ribs!
    I look forward to your future blogs!


  2. Loved reading your blog, Mary. The pictures brought it to life. I have heard you speak of this “do” for years and I’ve always enjoyed hearing your stories about the interesting guests you reconnect with each year! I look forward to future writings from you as you share snippets from your interesting life.


  3. Nice to meet you here on Deanne’s site, Maritime Mary. I’m from beautiful Newfoundland and thoroughly enjoy reading Deanne’s Blog as well as writings submitted by her many guest writers. I look forward to seeing more throughout the upcoming months. By the way, your Lobster Do sounded great and your pictures gave us a good indication how scrumptious your meal was. Thank-you.


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