Notes on a Monday

Yesterday I laid my yarn in this bowl by Ghita Levin. It was do pretty. I am nearly finished one ball of yarn.

Don’t go thinking I am not hooking though. I have had to stop myself from hooking my arm off this week as I was on the last panel of a rug that is about six feet by six feet. I am not posting it here because it is one of the rugs for my next book. I promised myself that I would save these images for the book.

Today I also wrote about 2000 words for my new book. There is so much to write but so hard to do. Writing is hard work. Honestly, it tires you out physically which slways leaves me sort of confused.

We wrapped up the day though with a tea latte. I bought a fancy milk steamer when I went to the city on Friday. At three thirty today, Megan, Norma, Carol who was in to buy wool all sat down for an Earl Grey Latte, also known as a London Fog. We now have a nice line of teas at the studio that I bought mostly because I enjoy tea myself.

So now after a long busy day , I write this little note to review it I suppose, as much for myself, as for you.


One thought on “Notes on a Monday

  1. Hi Deanne,

    Very interesting shape to this bowl. Looks very similar to the shape of the black Sea Maiden’s Purses that wash up on our ocean shoreline. I am looking forward to seeing a picture of your completed project shown in this picture.

    Have a pleasant evening.


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