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Megan’s Lichen & Lace yarns

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Burly Spun Yarns 100 % Wool

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Our friend Vicky has been enjoying Deanne’s new Knitting Shop. Vicky knits and sells  these beautiful purses.

Aug 9, 2013 026

She made this gorgeous purse with the Fleece Artist Chantel Silk yarn.

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9 thoughts on “Look with Lorna

  1. Thanks for the lovely comments all. You can look at my Facebook page “Vicky Comeau Designs” to order a purse or talk to Deanne and she can connect you to me. I buy gorgeous wools & silks in extraordinary jewel tones in Deanne’s shop and create these purses. Richly textured bags to wear with a lovely fall sweater. Like shoes and lipstick, one can never have enough bags 😉


  2. I saw one of Vicky’s purses made with the Chantal Silk in beautiful jewel tones when I was in the studio last week. It feels almost as good as it looks and it looks fantastic.


  3. Those burly spun yarns just make me want to have them all! The multicolor and varied shade yarns are luscious. I wish I could knit, but now that I have learned to hook with them it excites me to think of how I can use them.
    These purses are exquisite. Will you be selling them at the shop or could we order one?


  4. Not sure about that picture of me lol!!!! But I will be down to check out those GORGEOUS purples and greens!! I love the Knitting Room. 🙂 See you guys soon.


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