Rugs at the Cottage

Amherst shore cottages are known for their hooked rugs. There have been cottages on the Amherst Shore for about a hundred years. In those old cottages you often find hooked mats on the floor still in use. Though my friend tore down the old cottage to build a new one she did not part with her hooked rugs. They are on the floor of her new place.
I enjoy visiting people in the older cottages because you will often stumble upon old hooked mats made from traditional patterns. They are warm and comforting, and I always snap a few pictures




4 thoughts on “Rugs at the Cottage

  1. Hi Deanne
    I’ve hesitated to make a rug for the floor. How do folks clean them???
    I’ve read about using fresh snow but that’s only going to caver a few months.
    Really enjoyed the 12 shades workshop.


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