The birthday girl

This mother and daughter duo have a tradition. Each year, carol, Lorna’s mom takes her to a rug hooking shop and buys her whatever she would like for her stash. Carol said, if I just gave her money it would buy food or get lost in the budget. As it is , they get a day out together, a nice memory and her daughter gets a great present. I think this is a really good gift idea.




2 thoughts on “The birthday girl

  1. Isn’t it interesting how we often buy the colours we are wearing? These women clearly like blue!
    jill in Ontario


  2. Wow …. What a beautiful gift from your Mom, Lorna! That must have been so much fun for you both. Having lost my Mom earlier in life and having raised only sons, I can only imagine how much I would have enjoyed a similar gift. But it appears Chapters is my go-to-place when treating our sons and their families. But , I do have a very loving husband who treats me to shopping at Deanne’s on-line shop. And that I am very thankful for.
    Happy memories with each other Lorna and Carol.


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