Sunday Breeze

Yesterday i had to drive my daughter and her two friends to hockey, yes even in the summer they play ice hockey. I decided before I did that I would catch a little nap. I love the way the wind blows the sheer curtains in our spare room. I keep the room all white. White walls, white pillows, white quilt and a pine floor.
The sheers are left over ones from Brenda. She had the curtsins hung in her house then gave them to me about five years ago. I love the embossing on them and have kept them up. Yesterday as I lay reading on top of the bed the wind started blowing the curtains right over me. I just had to get up for my camera to catch the moment catch the breeze. There was something magical about the curtain grazing me as I lay there for a little nap. The cool August wind is such a relief after the heat of July. I laid my book beside, put my glasses on the table and slept for an hour.
Then I got up and enjoyed the drive to Moncton with three big bags of hockey gear and three teenagers yakking away and playing with their phones. The simplest kind of day, lovely Sunday, feeling the breeze.





3 thoughts on “Sunday Breeze

  1. An all white room…..and just look at all the different shades of white!! So much joy in the small moments. Keep feeling the joy Deanne!!


  2. lovely afternoon…I can feel the breeze and see the curtains…the peace and quiet of it all……….


  3. One feels in a sleepy relaxing mood just looking at those lovely lace curtains blowing in the breeze.I feel a big Yawn coming on.


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