mother and daughter pillows

Denise and Chelsey Brownell, a mother and daughter both came to the summer flowers workshop and both finished their pillows. They stuffed them and now they are sitting pretty on their couch. I think they did a beautiful job on them.

If you want to make one you can order the Summer Flowers Pillow Top kit online.

Yesterday we had a single shade abstract workshop and we saw people do everything from a pillow top to big floor rugs, or at least get them started. There was lots of learning, lots of tea and oatcakes and a good lunch next Duncan’s Pub.

Save the date for the Grand Opening for The Electric Street Knitting Room September 28 from 10 to 12….

Also Call to Register for the Harvest Moon Workshop on Saturday September 14 from 10 am to 3pm at 1-800-328-7756. I’ll try to get it up on the site today.



denise and chelsey

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  1. These pillows are so striking and bold, beautifully similar but different. What a great activity for a mom and daughter to share!


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