knitting is

last year was the first year I ever put my head under water when I was swimming. Now every time I think about swimming I think, maybe tomorrow, then I remember that feeling of diving in and looking under water and I want to go. I swam today and yesterday and it was lovely.

I dove under all kinds of times. It makes me feel strong.

We have to push ourselves a little.

We have to try new things.

Right now something new for me is knitting. I sat on the deck this morning and unravelled my knitting. I called Megan first. We both think it is important to finish things even if there was a few mistakes here and there. I tell this to beginner rug hookers all the time. Just finish it. She tells the same to beginning knitters.

She said, “oh Deanne.”

I said, what would you do?

She said, …I don’t know I was never a bad knitter.

That did it. Every time I looked at my cowl, I thought, bad knitter…bad knitter

Then I’d look at the more recent part of it and I’d think…hopeful, good knitter…good knitter.

I want to be happy to say this is my cowl.

When Phyllis , my neighbour at the shore saw my bad parts, she said…oh well just call it primitive knitting.

primitive knitting?

no way, not with this fine yarn and these fine needles. I want , only …. not too much to ask….to be  an adequate knitter.

I have no grandiose illusions of writing knitting patterns

or of even being able to follow a complicated one,

but I want to be able to follow a simple pattern

and I want to wear my cowl proudly and comfortably

and I will finish it.

It wil take me $36 and 300 hours but I don’t care

cause I discovered that is not what knitting is about. It is not about the cost of the yarn, or how long it took to make that cowl.

Knitting is about the sound of the needles as they clink


it is about the music of peoples voices meet around you

and you listen, just listen.

Knitting is about the feeling of your hands meeting each other again and again

like a prayer and a song at the same time.

Knitting is about being there.

in the present moment

calmly and easily.

Knitting is a kind of restful joy.

It is all about the making, the doing, the being.

You can do and be at the same time.

knitting is…it just is

what more can I say








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  1. I taught my friend Pam to knit and was called over to her home for several “knitting emergencies”. Now she designs and knits the most beautiful shawls and scarves. Be patient with yourself and soon you will develop your even tension and be able to knit while you watch tv or visit with a friend.
    I love to knit with bamboo needles, The feel of the yarn plus the smooth wooden needles is divine!


  2. Rhythm, repetition, flow, meditation, feel – the yarn sliding through your fingers, feel – smooth needles, feel – the stitch as it forms, see – the pattern emerge, see – the colours interact, share the warmth, share the love.

    I knit for babies to welcome them and tell their parents I love them. I knit favourite patterns over and over knowing each effort is different. I knit because my grandmothers knit, my mother knit, my aunts knit, my sisters knit. I knit.


  3. Well here goes, Saturday afternoon, I am about to start a sweater, that is all I knit. Rug Hooking on one side for a few days??I only use a circular needle, knit from one end to the other, then turn.This way I am not always looking for the OTHER needle.Blame you for getting me started on knitting again. Seeing those glorious wools on your blog I am roaring to go.The last time I gave up Hooking for Knitting it took 25 years before I returned. OMG at my age I haven’t got that kinda time LOL.


  4. Deanne, your post made me laugh out loud and I will be forwarding the link to a good friend who just stopped by last night to get a little help! I think it will help her not feel like a “bad knitter”…which I have to say, I don’t think there actually is, just knitters at different places…perhaps you are just learning how to “reverse” knit! 🙂
    For me I’ve discovered that it’s really the process rather than the product (maybe that is why I often give it away)…gives you peace and quiet, with the click of the needles calling me on!
    Thanks Deanne!!



  5. I am happy to hear you are persevering with your knitting. Since my mom died in January I have taken up knitting again. I too like the click of the needles. I keep the projects simple, cause I don’t want to think too hard :). I can bring it anywhere with me and just listen to conversations swirling around me. It has given me time to reflect, ponder, grieve and remember. I am glad it has found a place in my life for the quiet times when I need it.
    Your wool looks yummy begging to be made into something!


  6. Your yarn looks so yummy! I stopped in a fiber shop yesterday and lo and behold found some sari silk in just the right color.

    I have not touched my rug we designed from the workshop in June, but I have now passed my comprehensives and am rewarding myself with hooking time! I have hooked nonstop since last Saturday evening,and am loving those great big tear drops in the water (which of course is at the top of the rug)Your colors are exquisite as they are littered all over my dining room table (replacing books, papers, and computers for a short while).

    The water is almost finished- just 2 more drops to go- will finish this evening.

    Thank you again for one of the best workshops and experiences I have ever had. I’ll send a picture when it’s done. I hope my photo does the colors justice.I think I’ll call it “The Awakening.”


  7. Wow, it looks so different close up! Perspective and lighting can completely change how one sees something. But now that I think about it, I remember those bits of blue and green interspersed through all the reds.
    Hope the soccer game goes well. Both my boys are in semi-finals this weekend (Fri-Sun).
    Are you going to curl this winter? I’ve already been sent my team list and we start our pre-season clinics in 4 weeks (summer was too short).


  8. The road to beauty is always paved with a little bit of “primitive”! Over the last few years I find I kind of enjoy my wonky starts because I know I’m really trying something new.


  9. Your knitting looks lovely Deanne. And that new (?) hooked piece is absolutely gorgeous. Is it part of your book or will it be going up in the “Sale” section of your website???
    You have also commented several times that you like the sound of the wool being pulled through the burlap. Through your blog and your courses I’ve begun to think more about the use of all the senses while hooking — I first started hooking with quiet music in the background, but now I just like the quiet of the house, the smell of the wool, the sight of the colours and textures and the feeling of the wool. If I could only get taste in there — I guess that is where the tea comes in!! But it keeps getting cold because I get lost in the hooking!
    Deanne, I think I might also take up knitting. All that wonderful bright yarn in your studio and pictures is just screaming at me. I was wandering around an old neighbourhood I used to live in near the university today (I got my official student card for returning to school in 3 weeks – yikes!) and found a lovely knitting shop. It is located on the main floor of an old Victorian semi-detached house. It had 3 rooms of yarn — wool, silk and cotton — with a small work room in the back. They offer knitting courses so I think I’m going to sign up for a short one in the fall. I need something a little more portable than hooking for those countless baseball games and practices I accompany my sons to. I tried taking my frame and some wool but I just found it too bulky and then I always seem to be missing a colour or size of wool I need.
    My cutter has just arrived and I’m looking forward to unpacking it this weekend!
    Sorry this is so long. Have a good week.


  10. Ha! I can’t knit. Every time I try it’s a disaster. Good for you for persevering. I’ve decided just to listen to the needles of friends and supply them with beautiful yarn and then just watch sweaters and socks and mittens energetic.


  11. I have always goofed up knitting. My husband couldn’t stand to see me unravel my work. So…. I learned how to unknit. He didn’t know the difference. After that, we got a long, quite well.


  12. I had to laugh when I read about you putting your face under water last year for the first time, when swimming.I know the feeling. I was 35 when I started to swim in Pre Beginners, at the Y.M.C.A. Once I learned to take a breath, put my face in the water, open my eyes,blow out, whilst hanging onto the side, I was off to the races so to speak.Keep up the knitting I know you will succeed, seeing what you can make out of balls of wool is gratisfying.Just like hooking. Good luck Pal.


  13. Oh wow – no doubt you will eventually wear your own beautifully coloured and personally knitted cowl, but that hooked piece in similar colors is stunning and so alive! Please don’t get too sidetracked with the knitting, Deanne!


  14. Knitting is so relaxing and calming. Yes the click of the needles is lovely. But it is also lovely to take a single strand and create something.


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