Full day

Today started with a beautiful walk and I loved the willow tree I saw up the lane.
I then went out to Breakfast at Brittainys with my sister for eggs benedict with asparagus and swiss. It was nice to just have a sister visit. Though we live five minutes fromeach other we do not do that enough. We have a good new breakfast restaurant in town.

After that on to the Fibre Arts Festival meeting where we did some planning for this years event. The schedule is all up and done. Then Catherine Bussierre came and we did photography for the new book. Yup, I am working on a new one for next fall. I am very excited about it. I cannot show you the pictures here because I am saving them for the book… It will be like the big reveal.
We worked hard today, lugging rugs, taking pictures on the street, and playing with images.
It was a full and lovely day.
Then came home for quick fry steak and fresh vegetables for supper and a long walk with a friend. Now I am enjoying three giggling teenagers in my kitchen, gotta go, do not want to miss anything.


4 thoughts on “Full day

  1. Enjoy every minute of those giggling teenagers in your home! I must say that I so miss the comings and goings of my three who are all grown now, even though I am sitting here on the sofa with a 3 1/2 yr. old precious grandson right now! I’m not really lonely with all the grandies who live nearby, but it’s not quite the same as they don’t live in my house. Frankly, I would be tired to do it again, but I still miss it!
    Looking forward to your new book! Working on setting up a studio/workroom upstairs in one of those big, empty bedrooms!


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