Ruth, Barbara, and Ginger

So today our visitors were from Tennesee and Georgia. Barbara, Ginger and Ruth came and spent an hour or so looking around the studio. We loved their accents and that warm southern charm. We had fun having a little visit in the knitting room while I hooked.
Someone asked me today if I take a vacation in the summer. I find I love to be in the studio this time of year and cannot bear to miss too many visits. It is exciting to see who is coming in today.


7 thoughts on “Ruth, Barbara, and Ginger

  1. Your studio is a delightful place to be any time of the year. Southern accents are charming. You must hear accents from all over the place.You once said how you end up talking with who evers accent after awhile!!!!


  2. This may be unforgivable; but, do any of the hookers ever use the art to walk on? I’ve only hooked pillows, etc. Just wanting to know about that! 😉 I think someone on youtube uses her own for the floor. Blessings and praying I’m able to see you in the shop one day. Hugs, Sandie Poe


  3. Deanne, Just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the warm hospittality you gave us in your shop. Our visit to your studio has been the highlight of our trip. Your staff was so kind and helpful. After meeting you , we know it would be a bucket of fun to take a class from you sometime. Enjoy the rest of your summer and maybe our paths will cross again
    Ginger Baker


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