And now the bride

So the highlight of the wedding is always the bride. Lily’s daughter was calm and collected. There was no hysterics or drama just lovely warm fun around the house the day of the wedding as she was getting ready to marry.
She was happy to talk to everyone who was around. I was so lucky, I got to tie the bow on her dress.
The groom was around too, his lovely parents, their friends, and a few of the brides’ parents’ friends. I made the mother of the bride a cup of tea and watched as all the bridesmaids and groomsmen had a shot of rum. Sitting there on the stairs watching them we joked about what happened to us, why weren’t we having a drink of rum. We laughed that we were getting old, happy with our tea. And we were solidly happy watching them while we had our tea and shared a lovely time together. The whole day was beautiful.




3 thoughts on “And now the bride

  1. Gorgeous! All of them and all the dresses. Love taking a peek into weddings even though I don’t know anyone. Fun fun fun!


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