Harry the Printer Potato Salad

Harry the Printer Potato SaladIMG_2173

Here is the recipe though it is  one of those things that change every time.

 Potato Salad

6-8 medium sized potatoes

Two stalks chopped celery

Four green onions chopped

Two boiled eggs chopped

Good handful of chopped Italian parsley and fresh dill

Heaping tablespoon of good curry powder

As much mayonnaise as you like it


Make sure to mix all the ingredients with potatoes when they’re still warm.


4 thoughts on “Harry the Printer Potato Salad

  1. It was delish, thanks. Although my hubby loves my potato salad and wasn’t initially thrilled about a different one…. The peas (which he loves) and the curry got him.


  2. yum…and throw in some fresh peas sometimes…maybe some chopped black olives…that’s our traditional spud salad, too…thanks for the tip about the curry powder…even yum-mer!


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