Marcy and Kim

Here are Kim Miles and Marcye Gough two participants who travelled up from Ohio for our June Landscape/Abstract workshop.  Below you will also see Kim’s Hot Flashes quilt. I thought it was very beautiful so included it here for you to see. Both had very different styles, and really enjoyed each other’s styles. They were sister’s in law and they travelled here together for the workshop.

One of the things I love about hosting workshops is all the interesting and fun people who come to the studio for a few days. This group said they even planned on coming back for a reunion in a few years!

I am planning next years workshops. I will have one in May, one in June and one in October, 2014. I hope you will plan to join me in the studio for three days next year.

kim marcye hotflashes kim miles

2 thoughts on “Marcy and Kim

  1. Hi Deanne
    I am tickled to see this and glad you are sharing it with others! After taking your class it truly changed the way I look at the art of rug hooking and I gained more freedom in creating texture and love using the different mediums. I will send pictures of my small abstracts and the progress of Marcye’s landscape. We both gained more experience and made connections with more fiber friends.


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