Poem for July

A gardener
Has a lot of faith
To take a seed and believe
That it can become
something it is not.
To think that tiny bit
Can become everything
That is already inside it
In just a season.
That inspite of conditions
It will weather what ever prevails.
And you will make a promise
To nurture it as best you can.
Out of brown earth
There is so much promise.
So many blooms have passed
Returning summer after summer
In slightly different forms.
So many blooms yet to come
For it is only July
And Harry’s garden
Has only just started to reign
It’s beauty over grey spring
And white winter.
The tomatoes have not begun
To bloom their sweet red blossoms
And it will be weeks of cold drinks
On porches, weeks of warm nights before the plants bend over
And kiss the earth
with their sweet red fruit.
It is july and summer may go fast
But right now it has just begun.
Seeds have emerged as nastursiums,
Marigolds, sweet peas
And once more we are at the garden
On our knees
For what more praise is there
Than a flower that was once a seed
That you planted your self.

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