Wool Stories Number Three

This is a continuing series of tiny fiction stories….


” Maybe, it’s the postman, or one of the delivery guys.” I said to Mel

“You mean who Evie slept with?”

“Yeah, there are only a few men who come in here. Where else would she meet men?”

“Well she bowls, she has a big family, maybe someone introduced her to some one. You know Hope she only works here a few days a week.”

“I suppose. When I ask her she says, “Hope , it is not that I don’t want you  to know. It is just that I enjoy your desire to know so much.’ Kinda mean that one, she got me wonderin’ like a fool. I am going to put the whole thing out of my mind.

It was just as I was working to put it out of my mind that our bell rang as the door opened. In walks a woman in a bikini. I raised my eyebrows to Mel. She quickly rushed to the dye kitchen about to explode with laughter., leaving me with no time to pull myself together.

I smiled as I walked to te front of the shop, and then I could not help it, I just blurted out,  “Why are you in your bikini?” I just had to know why someone would come downtown in their bikini. Given the cast of characters on out street, you would have to be new to town.

“I learned how to hook rug twenty minutes ago at my neighbours’ pool. She said you close at four so I was afraid  if I took the time to change I’d miss you today. I have to have my own hook. I know I am gonna love this. My neighbour gave me a pattern and some wool but I need a hook and frame. I know I am gonna love it. ”

Sure but what about a cover up, I thought. “Ok, lets get you settled away. I know what it feels like. You get hooked from the minute you start. But I have one question, where did you park?”

“Just up on Prince Arthur, a block away. ”

“You walk a block in downtown Atherton in a bikini? Did you run into our local characters Daryl and Bernie?”

“A  rather rough looking man sitting on his step did invite me.” she smiled. “I told him maybe on the way back”

Well at least she is comfortable with our local yocals and has a sense of humour.

I chuckled, “No wonder” She chuckled herself. Quietly I thanked God that she knew this whole scenario was ridiculous. I was worried at first.

I said, I have an idea for you. I’ll make you some barbie clothes and you can cover up to get back to your car. Ussually we offer people an oatcake and a cup of tea but this woman was in need of something with a bit more substance.

I took a wide yard of wool and cut two holes in it for arms. Then I ripped a long strip off the bottom of it for a belt. I said, “Here stick your arms through here and she did, like it was a house coat.” Now fold down the lapels and wrap this around like a belt.I admire your enthusiasm and getting down here but I cannot have you walking around with town with a hook and a frame in a bikini.”

By this time Mel had come out of the dye kitchen and pulled herself together, “Yes, Lord knows, we have to endure enough hooker jokes as it is.”

I smiled at Mel, and explained to her that I dressed Miss  Rug Hooker Bikini 2013 that I used to dress my barbie dolls when I was a kid so she could get to her car with out to many odd looks.

Miss Bikini smiled and said, “I am new to town.”

“Yes love, and it is only because of that that I am not going to take your picture and put it on my blog, but be warned, if you come again in your bikini, it’s candid camera time.”

We all laughed and knew I was n’t joking and that it was really hard for me not to take her picture in the hot pink sale wool barbie outfit. I so wanted too but you got to be good to the new rug hookers until they are securely ladened down with a stash of wool that means that they have to hook rugs for at least forty years to justify their last five years of collecting. It is an unspoken rule.


IMG_2051“i’m going down there right now and get a rug hook.”


7 thoughts on “Wool Stories Number Three

  1. Deanne the story is great!! There is a woman, don’t remember her name, that writes stories around quilters and they are very popular.

    BUT, when you become a published fiction writer, please don’t forget us hookers who love your other work.


  2. Deanne, the wool stories are a hoot. Hope you are enjoying writing them as much as I do reading them. They make me laugh out loud – but kind of hard to explain to anyone nearby who asks “What’s so funny?”


  3. You’re good at this , Deanne! Glad I checked into your blog tonight. Thanks for entertaining us once again with Wool Stories.


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