Goings on around here

So there are no wool stories today. The blog is partly truth and partly fiction now. How long will it last? I honestly have no idea.
We got a new sign today for the new knitting space in the back. It will be called The Electric Street Knitting Room and it will also continue to be our workshop space. Megan is working on some amazing workshops for the next year. She has got me excited.
Brenda is going to be off for a few weeks as she is gone off to be the bestest grandmother she can be. We will miss her but look forward to her after she gets back.

The rest of us will hold down the fort. We have lots of people signed up for the summer flowers workshop. I am wanting to make more of these summer pillows but it is so hot it will have to wsit until next week. I have a gorgeous big floral rug on the frame. I hooked a half hour this morning and got a big yellow posy done.

We have had four shipments of yarn arrive for the knitting room. Our big shelves arrived today. Ronnie, lorna’s husband said he would hang them for us some evening next week.

We will do it after the April De Conick workshop on Monday and Tuesday. We still have two spots leftin Aprils workshop if you want to come , email me at info@hookingrugs,com

Have a good summer weekend,blessings to you,