Wool Stories #2



I heard Leana talking in the back to Evie. So I turned in around  the corner and said, “What are you guys talkin about?”

Leana, quick as can be looked at Evie, and said , “She’s gotta know everything.”

Me,  Hope,  that is, it’s true. I am far nosier than I need to be. I like to know too much and then sometimes I am disappointed once I know cause then there is nothing left to find out. I love the element of surprise. Like the studio itself. You never know who is going to walk in. I always fantasize that maybe Lyle Lovett will come in and want a rug, and then we’ll get to talking and he’ll fall in love with me but  me I’d stand by my man and tell Lyle that as much as I like his lyrics all I have to give him is my art. He’d bop out the door and write a song about knitting or something. My fantasy world…really the you never know what is going to happen here is true. But as for stars, ussually as exciting as it gets is that someone from the CBC drops in. We are not a place that attracts the rich and famous, though Anne Murray has a cottage down the road and she has bought clothes at my friend’s shop. She is too busy golfing and tweeting about hockey to crochet.

I smiled, saw that Evie had a a big brown bag in here hand, so naturally I queried, “What’s in the bag?”

She opened it under my nose and screamed happily, “Three kotex, are you happy now you know?” I looked in and saw three big thick pads. The same kind my daughter used to use for Barbie Mattresses. Now sometimes she duct tabes tapes them to her legs to stop the bleeding if she cuts herself when she shaves her legs.They grow up so fast. Della, my girl went from barbie mattresses to shaving her legs in a month when she she was thirteen. I did not bother sharing that with Evie. Instead I breathed a sigh of relief.

I thought to myself yes I am actually happy. Evie was forty nine and last weekend was going on that she thought she was pregnant. I didn’t even know she was dating which was amazing because the info from that one, love her I do, is sometimes  a little too free flow.You know there is quite a bit you do not need to know even if it is really interesting. The problem with me is I think in pictures. So what ever she tells me I imagine. That can be a burden depending on who you are talking too.

I had calculated that she would have the baby right around the time of the big wool festival here in Atherton, and I thought  that would be a bummer. Then of course I quickly remembered that it would be much more difficult for Evie than for me. I was only worried about staffing. She would have been fifty with a baby. Probably the oldest new mother in town in the last twenty years, and she’d be mothering through the Wool festival until she was seventy. That put things in perspective. I could always drag an unsuspecting friend into help out.

Of course , it was just the old menopause and the wonky periods. We were all having a little mental pause to think it was pregnancy in the first place. That Evie looks on the bright side though it is her nature. She probably spent last night looking at baby bootie patterns. This morning she is rejoicing that she got her period. Actually I am too.

I said, “Now that we don’t have to plan the baby shower, maybe we could plan on making some kits?”

Already started said Leana, we are doing up a half a dozen, and we have a few patterns ready to transfer as well.”

“Grand “, I said, ” Did you see the order for the woman who wants a hundred hoops? Do you think she wrote that down wrong? Should I call her?”

Evie said, “Maybe she is making a sculpture or something. Just ship it.”

I said, “Evie, really?”

“Call her for lord sakes , she added a few zeros where they don’t belong, anyone can see that. She just laid too heavy on the zero key when she placed her order online.”

“Ya think?”

“I know” said Evie , “Women on the first day of their week late period are very wise.”

Yeah, I thought, wise enough to know better. How the heck did she manage to sleep with someone and no one in this studio notice. Who was it?

6 thoughts on “Wool Stories #2

  1. I have to say…I love the names!!!! 🙂 Yes…laugh out loud funny, just what I needed on this lazy Sunday with a sink full of dishes and a garden dying a slow and dry death calling my name! I hope “Hope” finds the answers to all the questions! 🙂 Such a great idea Deanne! Love it!! 🙂


  2. Oh that’s funny, I didn’t realize this was a
    Wool Story til I saw the comments at the end. I was thinking, Deanne is telling an awful lot of personal stuff about her staff, they may not like that!


  3. I don’t know, but you will soon find out. Maybe “Hot Flashes” will be the title of the next episode.LOL


  4. Deanne you are laugh out old funny! Now you have me hooked on your stories and your designs! I look forward to your next story….E


  5. Wool Stories #2 …… a HUGE hit in my books and I’m sure I won’t be alone in that. Gotta tell you though, after raising a houseful of sons and no daughter amidst them …. the Kotex Barbie doll mattressess really had me laughing as I had no idea, but yet when I thought about it …. quite ingenious of Della , I must say!. Can’t wait for next chapter , but I know I have to. Keep up the great work!


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