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Roberta Hancock cheticampRoberta Hancock recently sent me this vintage image of women hooking in Cheticamp. It is a tiny image but still worth a peek I think because it reminds me that women have been gathering to hook for generations and in that gathering have made friendships, told stories and grown together. Yesterday I started a little story on the blog. It may be that this story , just an introduction , is all there is but I think I want to play with the idea for awhile and see how it develops. It is just a chance for the imagination to run away. So don’t count on me for it, as I am not sure I can keep it running but I will start it with no promises to finish it. That is not much of a promise but it is all I have. I just want to play with fiction writing and I thought here might be the place to do it.

June has passed and so has my garden. It seems I just have a June garden as most of my blooms are finished. I do have some roses around the front that are looking lovely and I have planted nasturtium seeds so there will be blooms to come. A good gardener plans better I think so that the blooms come and go all summer long. I guess I have to get some black eyed susans in there.

School out now and it seems that we have lots of travellers on the go this week. We ordered up a few extra batches of oatcakes to keep the place homey. We like to have a little something to offer people when they have trekked so far to get here.

Work on my new book is going well. The writing is a bit slow but I have to say the rugs are flowing nicely. I was out with friends on Friday night and saw a beautiful pillow in a flower shop. It was a floral design but it was glued wool that looked as if it was hooked. It was a manufactured pillow, but thought to myself, How much more beautiful could that be. I came home a hooked my own design, clearly inspired by  that one. I made more many changes, using five flowers instead of eight, changing the style of the flowers, and changed the colours of the flowers. The pillow I made also used many different textures, including sari silk. There were probably forty changes. Yet I still feel disappointed that the inspiration I found remains so identifiable in the pillow I made.It is beautiful, but when someone tells me so, I feel that my own inspiration could have been stronger. Forty changes were not enough! So the next step is to make more floral designs. Right now I am making a rug that takes it initial inspiration from the pillow rug I made. I will take the design I created and change it again but this time I am trying to move away from the initial ideas because I want my inspiration to be my own. From there I plan to make more floral pillows. It is July, and though my garden is not blooming like did in June, my rugs are.

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  1. Hello Deanne

    I have been reading your blog for a few years and this is the first
    time I have written. I wanted to let you know that I enjoy your fiction writing and I hope that you will be able to continue. I love
    reading and hooking and to find a good story with both would be
    thankyou for sharing your ideas


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