Catherine Bussiere: visiting

I woke up at my mama this morning
A few years ago she moved from the house she owned and had been born in to a bran new condo
It was hard in a sentimental kind of way to see her sell the old house
It was hard to let go

For her it was time

I woke at my mama this morning and you know smells
Each house has a smell
Turns out the smell of the old house seemed to have transferred to the new condo

It must be the books, the house plants, the bedding, the tablecloth

Not only the smell but the feel of the old place transferred to the new place
It must be my mama

I did realize at the time of the move that home was not so much that old house but rather where my mama was

I love the way she decorates
She likes books, artwork, photos of her children and grandchildren, plants
She likes wooden furniture, she likes owls

It feels warm and welcoming







5 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: visiting

  1. I really like this paper. The “old house” brings back all kinds of memories for me too. You capture your mom’s current nest in a genuine way; like a reflection of her nature.


  2. Beautiful decorating. I could feel comfy there too.

    Once, a few years ago I was looking to buy a house and entered one with a realtor. It smelled EXACTLY like my grandmother’s house. It was uncanny! The smell evoked so many memories-and how was it possible! I kept expecting my Nana (long dead) to come around a corner.


  3. I like what your mama did to the condo! Nice to read you on the blog Catherine. Thanks for writing.


  4. My ‘Mama’ left me a desk just like the one in two of your photos…and it feels like my Mom whenever I open and use it.
    Love your pieces, Catherine…thank you…


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