Look with Lorna

It has been a great week here at the studio with our Abstract Workshop taking place. Lots of people around and lots of rugs to look at and admire. The back studio is starting to take shape as we order more yarns, knitting needles, and the new shelving should be here in a couple of weeks.

June28, 2013 162

June28, 2013 165

June28, 2013 184

June28, 2013 191

June 28 006 June 28 008

June 001

June28, 2013 176


Sandra was here for the workshop but stayed an extra day. She had the back studio all to herself just to sit and hook the day away. Love the bright colours!

June 003

June 28 010June 28 005


5 thoughts on “Look with Lorna

  1. What lovely pictures of the delicious yarns. And your mat is amazing Sandra!!! I can’t wait to see more progress!


  2. Thank you for all your kind words. I’ll be sure to send Lorna and Deanne a picture once I’m done. I’m really enjoying hooking this rug with all the lively happy colours.
    Nina, it was a pleasure meeting you and spending time with you at the workshop.
    Lorna, I look forward to seeing your sunflower rug!!


  3. Sandra, a gorgeous rug! Love to see how it is evolving! Please post a picture when it is finished…enjoyed being with you in the workshop! Nina


  4. As usual, Lorna, you have done beautiful work with your photography and inviting all of us living so far away to visit Deanne’s studio through this blog. Thank you. And Sandra’s rug ….. I really love it. Sure hope she sends you a picture when it is completed. Happy Canada Day tomorrow to each and every one of you at the studio!


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