workshop….mmmm…so nice

After I give a workshop I always feel  so inspired. It is a bit of  high to be in the studio for three days with people who just want to make beautiful rugs. It gives me a kind of high. This week, we had fourteen people for landscape and abstract together. Some were from Ohio, Maine, New Jersey, Ontario, New Hampshire, New Brunswick and Ontario.

We started out and no one had an idea on the frame. Inside myself I wondered…will everyone get their idea on the frame. By the end of the first day everyone was hooking something they designed and created themselves, or at least they had a lot of input into it. It gets me excited to see this, to watch people create.

Three days of questions and answers, of handling wool, of laying  colour down on the frame.

Three days of oatcakes and tea, and good lunches…oh and that coconut cake with butter cream….remember that….yum

Three days of stories , or learning about where everyone came from.

Three days of watching light bulbs turn on, and seeing ideas click.

Three days of creating beauty

Three Glorious Days.

Now they all go off full of ideas and energy.

The studio gets a little quiet.

We miss all the energy, all that verve.

We settle in again and think about next year…what are the workshops for next year?

Let me think about that.

I hope you come.


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13 thoughts on “workshop….mmmm…so nice

  1. Hi Deanne
    Thank you so much for the fabulous workshop! It was a great combination of inspiration, encouragement and very effective feedback! I have had the opportunity to do several of your wonderful online workshops. But it was definitely very special to do one with you in your space in Amherst with a group of such wonderful women.
    Thursday night after the workshop ended, my mind was whirling with so many ideas that I woke up and couldn’t get to sleep for 3 hours! (I followed your suggestion BTW!!)
    Many thanks to the ladies who work in the shop! Everyone was so friendly, helpful and welcoming. You must get a lot of drop by visitors! If I lived near you you might never get rid of me!
    And, as Kim mentioned, please say thank you to the restaurants for the lovely lunches. And thank you for having the tea, fresh fruit (a special thanks) and all the goodies available for general consumption during the course.
    As I said before, you have a way of encouraging students yet at the same time providing honest feedback. That is a rare quality.
    Tanks so much again
    Libby, who is changing the narrative (in many ways). And I am wearing a dress today Deanne. I have freshened up all my summer skirts, etc that I haven’t worn in years and plan to wear them!


  2. Dear Deanne and fiber gals
    What can I say about my week! First your class gave me the freedom to create within a supportive and exciting environment. It was delightful to meet other creative women and share our work together but more importantly we gained friendships Everyone had projects that reflected their own skill and personality. I gained confidence in drawing my own pattern as well as blending colors. The week went too fast and know it changed how I look at my work. Thank you again for the week. I’m going to finish my series and send pictures as I get them completed.
    Thanks again for arranging my gluten free menu for lunch. Each day was delicious please let the restaurants know how much I appreciated the yummy foods.
    Ps I’m hoarding the coconut marshmallows
    Kim from ohio


  3. So beautiful!! So wish I lived closer…makes me miss home so much!! Also…makes me want to buy a skein of that yarn that is the 1st picture in the bowl…is there anyway I can order that??? :)Seriously! 🙂


  4. This morning I found a little note I had written to myself at the end of a workshop in 2006. The same words apply in 2013..I am inspired, joyful, full of new ideas, warmed by the friendships and camaraderie of being with creative, beautiful women for three days. I could go on and on, it was a great experience which will feed my soul and spirit for months to come!


  5. I want to come to your shop and just lay on the floor and look and absorb all that fun color and energy and buy one of everything!!! :-):-):-):-) Who wants to join me?


  6. Deanne, It was a wonderful 3 days of learning, exploring, sharing and creating. I left, and I think most did, with a renewed sense of energy and artistic ideas. The meals were delicious and the cake beyond words. But the kindred spirits and the new friendships will remain one of the highlights of this trip for me.
    Simply put, THANK YOU!


  7. Your studio is beautiful, Deanne ……….. absolutely beautiful. The photography is amazing. You and your staff must be very proud to work and create there as well as welcoming one and all to enter and enjoy!
    Love your blog!


  8. I am yearning to come. Ruth and I sure missed not being at one of your workshops this year. We like those intimate little classes at your studio. September seems the time to be there for us. Shall wait with anticipation for next years schedule.Shirley


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