Fireflies and the studio window

So I said to my husband… I never saw the fireflies this year. Maybe I missed them.

He said, they are out tonight.

I pulled on my boots for a walk through the field.

There they were lighting up the night, dancing in the dark.

I took a picture to no avail.

I looked back at my studio window. I had been up there hooking in the cool of the night.

There it was uppn looking at the snapshot, it was as if my studio window was the firefly.



2 thoughts on “Fireflies and the studio window

  1. Lovely thoughts, as usual… I miss fire flies, or lightning bugs, as we used to call them…I grew up with them in Rochester, NY…we had them in Nicholasville, KY, but none here in the mountains of CO…we caught them in a jar, but released them right away…after we watched them, close up, for a minute or two…they didn’t seem to mind…enjoy! Carol


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