Look with Lorna

Here are Deanne and Megan demonstrating our new Swift and Ball Winder. Just another great service we can offer our customers. I do however apologize for the length of the video but Deanne would have to pick the largest skein in the studio.


The end product

June 21, 2013 006


June 21, 2013 007

3 thoughts on “Look with Lorna

  1. You guys were so funny! I had to laugh when I saw you put that huge skein on to demonstrate the swifter and winder. I knew it would take awhile…Now you are in trouble Deanne.. knitting can be addictive and there are so many beautiful yarns out there now. I have cake sessions – when I gather enough skeins I set myself up outside in the garden and wind for 2-3 hours! Love doing it..have fun with your new venture. can’t wait to check out your knitting area..more eye candy.


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