the girl can knit

Well let’s be honest. She’s no girl. Just as close to granny as she is to girl…still she can knit.

She of course, is me.

After twenty years of saying” I can’t knit”

the can’t is no more.

I was talking to Mimi the other day at The Loop on Barrington Street in Halifax and she said we create these narratives about ourselves. Mine was… I ย can’t knit. Well I am changing the narrative to …I can knit.

I may even be able to follow a pattern.

If you tell yourself the same story over and over again you make it real.

this chick can knit….well really let’s be honest…this hen can knit

but more honesty, maybe more than is needed here…

this hen feels like a chick cause she can knit

this hen feels like a chick cause she has a new story…

I’ll keep you posted

PS. I finished a beautiful rug but I cannot show it to you cause I am saving it for the big reveal…my 2014 new book


IMG_6186 IMG_6187 IMG_6188

17 thoughts on “the girl can knit

  1. Hooray for knitting and hooray for you!! I’m excited to see the new yarns you’ll be carrying, since I already loved all the yarns you are already carrying! Last Friday, when my carpenter was finishing my stairs, something went wonky in my electrical system and now my kitchen has no power except for the stove. Been driving me crazy all week – no microwave, no toaster, no kettle. Fridge is running on an extension cord into a bathroom. I have 3 working plugs on my house main floor level. So, first time an electrician can come is this Thursday, of course. I am so annoyed, but it means I’ll be missing Thursday (again!) ARGH! I’m hoping I’ll have a finished sock to show the next time I’m in though. See you on the fourth of July..!


  2. Never too late to learn something new – even for a hen LOL….Oh boy now you are in trouble! What to do, what to do? I have that problem – knitting or hooking and now I have learned spinning with a spindle. Having much more fun as a hen than I did as a chick ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Not only are you knitting…looks like you are Picking!!! You go girl!! ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait to see what you create! ๐Ÿ™‚ More beauty…inside and out! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Good for you Deanne! Seems like it would be a natural thing for you to do — especially with all those great wool options in your studio.
    I use to crochet quite well many years ago as a young teenager — my mother taught me. Never was very good at knitting though, but perhaps that was because my mom didn’t knit and she couldn’t help me.
    My one and only sweater I made for my husband (then boyfriend) looked like it would look good on an orangutan — too short and wide in the body with very long skinny arms! It was actually quite hilarious. He wore it long enough for us to take a picture. I actually took it all apart and gave the wool to a friend who could knit.
    Some day I will learn to knit, but one newish endeavor is enough for now. Still don’t hook as much as I would like.

    By the way, I really like your new hair style!


  5. รŽ still have 4 containers of knitting yarn from the days I knitted and sold sweaters. Plus every patterns I bought 25 years ago, thinking perhaps I may get back at it. If ever I could put my hooking down long enough. How exciting for you to discover the art of knitting at your tender age. The knitting yarn in your shop just begs to be knit into a gorgeous sweater.I found myself knitting with a double pointed needle , going back and forth. By the way your hair looks lovely my dear. !!!!


  6. Oh oh …life has just gotten more complicated. When to knit….when to hook….when to cook….when to read…when to walk…. so many fine things to do!


  7. woo hoo to you, Deanne! soon you’ll be smiling big and looking a bit less intense! (please sign me up for the new book…can’t wait…)

    and another woo hoo for you, Julia! your pink scarf makes the knitting twice as special…

    Laura…I’ve been TRYING to learn to spin since I was 50! every once in a while I hit a good patch…most of the time, I’m the supplier for the ‘thick ‘n thin’ yarn folks…


  8. Good for you Deanne. … The chick can knit, the chick can knit, the chick can knit… I like the sound of that.
    I bought some pink yarn finally and I’m about ready to start knitting a little pink scarf for women who has breast cancer.



  9. That’s awesome. I learned to knit and spin at 50 and it’s been way cool to learn something that was totally new. Kinda like landing on a new planet. Love learning new things!! Way to go!!


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