the wind will dry your wool






Sharon Oakley sent me this great snapshot of her hand spun yarn and some fleece being dyed and dried in her yard.I love the range of colours she creates here. Makes me think of lemons and limes, blue popsicles, and cherry ices, grape kool aid. Her colours are really bright and cheerful.

Today in the studio I wrote a while on my new book, and hooked on a rug for my new book for a bit as well. As you know I am keeping my latest rugs hidden a while so that the new book on contemporary or modern rugs. It is hard not to show them right away because I get quite excited about them but if I did that, there would be no big reveal!

It is hard but I need the will power.

In the meantime I will try to create some smaller pieces to share with you occasionally, and of course keep passing along great pictures of the studio, and what I find around here to share with you.

Yesterday we took a beautiful drive to Advocate and I posted a picture on the facebook page of a picture of a house with poppies in front of it that looks like it could be in one of my rugs. You can like the facebook page if you wish and then the pictures I post there will turn up on your facebook feed.

I wanted to mention that the winner of the create beauty everyday pendant never claimed her prize, so if anyone knows her, it is Jennifer Klemm, please tell her to email me or contact the studio and we will mail her the silver pendant.  If we do not hear anything in the next week or so, we’ll offer another give away some other time.


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  1. Ohhhh. Makes me want to jump out of bed and get creating , guess i betterget my ebook going before i get into trouble;)


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