Passing Time

Hardly anyone says it anymore but when I was a kid, it was common. We talked of ways of passing the time. Old people said it mostly. There were expressions like

whiling away the hours

putting in time

passing the time

What happened?

We are still passing time whether we admit or not. More often now though we talk about , not enough time, time is money, time is precious.

I think it is a fundamental shift in values, as well as a fundamental change in our world. Combined they have lead us to think of time differently. I do not know this of course. I am just supposing. As my children have gotten older and the time I spent with them, or for them has lessened I have found myself again with the chance to put in the time, to pass the time, to even be a little bored sometimes. I know mothers hate that word, but then they get to be older mothers and they whisper it themselves occasionally.

For example, tonight I am going out to help my friend look at pants. As if she needed me. What we need is each other’s company. We are just passing the time again after years of having it whiz by us.

I think though that the idea of passing time, as in finding something to do, should be revered again. It would be good to get back to a life where I was not checking my phone to pass the time, cause that is how so many of us, especially the young ‘uns pass the time. I am just as guilty.

How do you pass the time?

with the hook, with the book, snuggled safely in your little nook?

with the garden, and the hoe, hauling around the hose?

I think saying that I am just passing the time makes it sound as if I am not doing something meaningful, and the truth is you cannot make meaning all the time.

Sometimes you just make a day.

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3 thoughts on “Passing Time

  1. Passed some time yesterday at the cottage making your coconut macaroons. Yummy. It was so windy,cold and rainy that it wasn’t fit to do outside ,cottagy things.Also drew up my next hooking project.


  2. Couldn’t agree more. Today I passed the time learning to make glass beads at a local art school. Perfect way to pass a rainy day.


  3. I so agree! More often than not I pass the time in front of my laptop (and my how the time passes!), but I would rather spend it walking outdoors, exploring the world around, experimenting with my camera and then relaxing in the grass or cuddled under the covers reading a good book. Only recently have I deliberately set aside time specifically for these things that feed my soul. Thank you for this gentle reminder to keep it up!


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