Catherine Bussiere: white

In times of hardship

beauty (still) appears everyday

I must be attentive

open my eyes, my ears, my heart

A visit, a word said, a memory

– moments of grace –

as little as they may be

must be nourished

There is a thin line between sweet and sour

fresh and faded

In the presence of the ephemeral :  life

I am reminded to look now

at beauty

in all forms

create it

and share it









4 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: white

  1. Catherine, Thank You
    We’ve had a lot of loss recently, in our family. Nature is my solace. You’ve safely tucked some of her loveliest pearls into a corner, where all who need them can softly pause to rest their heart.


  2. Oh the beauty of white. Such a soothing glorious blog Catherine, your words and pictures say it all. Shirley


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