my visit with Doris Eaton

So my visit to Doris last week was just great. When I got  home I was so keyed up from all my stops along the way that it felt like the beginning of the day. Sometimes it takes me yeas to do the simplest of things. There is something about getting in the car for a long drive that makes me decide to go to the studio instead. Yet when I do it, I really enjoy it.

It was great to see Ron and Doris so well, really no different from when I met them twenty years ago. Doris’s book shows a great study of her work through out the years. She has been one of the artists who has inspired me over the years, both in her commitment to rug hooking and her commitment to art. It is her sense of movement and colour that I admire but it is also her graciousness. If I could only use one word to describe her it would be “gracious”.

You can see Doris here in her studio with her lovely husband Ron and sitting on the steps of the stair runner she made for herself.

I really enjoy a good visit with someone. There is nothing like it for getting to know someone better, or just reaffirming an old friendship. Visiting is something that , if we are not careful, could go by the wayside. When the truth is we need it. We need it more than we know , because it is soulful and soul food.

Whether it is across the kitchen table or a long car ride, sometime we need to gather and talk, or eve just gather and be.

Either way, we need each other.

Just curious…is there someone you have been meaning to visit?
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13 thoughts on “my visit with Doris Eaton

  1. Friday, two friends and I stopped into the River House Rug Hooking shop for materials. Who should come in to make a purchase? Doris Eaton! As a newcomer to rug hooking, meeting Doris was like meeting one of the Group of Seven. Not only did she chat freely and offer suggestions, she invited us to drive to her house to see her work. We were thrilled and readily accepted. We felt as though we were in a gallery, surrounded by works of a master … and we were. Again, Doris showed us samples, demonstrated techniques and gave us each encouragement in our new hobby. We left her at her door just as you showed in this photo. To my astonishment she thanked us for making her day. Making her day? She made ours! What a gracious lady!


  2. I’m still a beginner at rug hooking, and really enjoyed your story on Doris Eaton. I came across a video on the Doris Eaton method of binding rugs. Do you know whether the instructions are contained in her book, ‘A Lifetime of Rughooking’ and if the book is still in available?


  3. Thank you for letting us be a part of your visit. I would bet that a visit with Doris would be both relaxing and inspiring.
    I agree that the stair runner does look like a waterfall. It is awesome!
    And that photo of Doris waving from her doorway really does beg to be hooked.


  4. Well, I am undone!! The most beautiful runner I have ever seen. Looks like a cascading waterfall! Only love could muster such a task. 😉 Thank you Deanne for letting us see these last two posts of your visiting. We all need to keep up the visit traditions. Shalom


  5. Deanne you have written a wonderful tribute to a lovely lady. Doris looks charming in her cosy home, along with Ron, her husband of many years. How all we rug hookers appreciate seeing her beautiful rug hooking through the years. It must have been a great day for you spending time with Doris.


  6. I love to see people in their own nests. She’s got that “passion for rug hooking” glow!

    I saw Doris’s work in person for the first time when I was in N.S.last fall. ( on display in a studio/shop) It really wowed me. Very original and contemporary.


  7. LOVE that wall of wool behind Doris and Ron!!! And the stair runner is spectacular, just like the lady that made it. Thanks for sharing Doris with us Deanne.


  8. What a delightful post Deanne. Thanks for sharing your visit with Doris Eaton and her prince charming. That is quite a bountiful stash of wool that she has in her studio and it looks so well organized and labled.

    You are right about needing to visit our friends and family. It’s a shame that we are all so busy these days that visiting is the last thing on our agenda. Thanks for the reminder.

    Enjoy the month of June.



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