Look with Lorna

Hi Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Denny. She is Megan’s friend from Toronto  visiting for the week. We had fun learning about her and I think we taught her a few things as well. Norma was talking about going clamming and to our surprise Denny or Megan had no idea what that was. So on Wednesday I bought her a nice treat of fresh clams to try. I think she is hooked!  I did bring them another treat on Friday, chocolate puddin’ pie but honestly it was just because I knew I could eat the whole pie if I left it at home.



May 30, 2013 034

Instead of Kiss the Cod, it’s Kiss the Quahog.

Pie 014

This is what Denny was working on while she was here.

Pie 001

Pie 009


4 thoughts on “Look with Lorna

  1. Hi Lorna, I haven’t had chocolate pudding pie in over 30 years. I use to make for my dad (my mom would make the crust though). But being only around 9-10 years old, I used a pudding mix. Do you make yours from scratch and if so would you mind sharing the recipe? My kids would love it — and me too!
    Any chance that will be served along with the oat cakes at the June workshop? Only 23 days and counting!! I can’t wait.


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