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Yesterday I took a drive to my friend Edna’s in Joggins. She had a house filled with tulips. She had cut them all and put vases full around the house because the rains were coming. We sat for a nice visit, and had a few laughs.

One little road trip makes you want another so today I got up  at eight and by nine I had hit the road again. I called the studio to say that I would be on the road. I called Doris Eaton this morning and said, “How about I come to take you out to lunch.” It was a three hour drive but you can imagine it was well worth the trip.

I get in the habit of thinking , “It is too far to drive.” and I talk myself out of doing all kinds of things. Today I decided to talk myself into it.

As soon as I arrived Doris was there in the doorway and I was so happy to see her and Ron both. She said, What would you like to do, and I said, ” Whatever you want to do.” We went to lunch at the Broad Cove Cafe where I had Ginger and Yam soup and a Quinoa Cashew Salad. Doris had a sandwich with grilled shrimp , apple and brie. I finished of with a piece of coconut cream pie. I brought one home for Ron too, as it is his favorite. Then we went to see her friend Jane, who has opened a rug hooking studio in Petit Riviere and it was lovely. I’ll show you pictures as the week goes on.

So today, I drove about six hours, there and back, with a few nice stops along the way and it did not really feel very far at all. Some times it is worth the trip and the time on the road is just a bit of time to say a few prayers, listen to the radio, and look around a bit. It flew by. Makes me want to go again tomorrow.

Tomorrow though I have to do an interview for at the KItchen Table, our radio show, and if I go too much, I’ll your visits to me and I ca’t have that. Thanks for all the road trips you take this way. Come again, and make yourself a cup of tea. You’ll be welcome.

Here’s a few shots of Edna’s tulips….

IMG_1884 IMG_1881 IMG_1881 IMG_1885 IMG_1883

3 thoughts on “road trip

  1. All alone on your road trip, as you said lotsa time to comtemplate the world around you. Having lunch with Doris would have been a joy, how I admire her work. I do have her latest book. The menue at the cafe sounds scrumptious. How beautiful the tulips are, you certainly captured them in all their glory.


  2. Hi Deanne,

    What a lovely way to spend a day! I’m sure Doris was very happy to see you and just spend time. I’m sure the drive was well worth the benefits received on both sides. Doris is a wonderfully talented lady. I had the privilege of taking a Jacobean course from her last Fall, she is a fantastic teacher! Everyone in the class came away with lots of information.

    Edna’s tulips are beautiful. I have some lovely ones in my yard but I can’t bear to cut them because they make the yard look so pretty this time of year. I just look and enjoy them as I’m driving in and out or walking around the yard. It’s a shame that they don’t last longer!


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