Catherine Bussiere: Green


It’s been raining non stop for days
grey sky, puddles
drizzle, showers
cats and dogs

in the city
cozy in the warmth of my sister’s house
I look out the window every morning
at her backward garden
and long for sunshine

I need to put flowers in
and a few veggies
no need to rush I know
I know

this morning I stepped out
protected by the roof of the front entrance
I clicked away at the nearby greenery
various shapes and shades of green
tender, dark, lined, wet
it’s all so pretty
I love to come up close with the lens
another world

in all colors
lightness and darkness
can be found











9 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: Green

  1. I love you writing, your photography, your constant curiosity, your love of the small and beautiful and most of all i love you Catherine Bussiere. Can’t wait to see your beautiful smiling face.


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