We Need Your Opinion…please comment tell us what you think



A New Series of Workshops Beginning in September

We’re shaking out the mats, storming the kettle, and blowing a fresh breeze of creativity into the studio!

We’re gathering exceptional artists to inspire you to roll up your sleeves and get your hands in motion.

Join us for a workshop to revitalize your creativity and set your intention to CREATE BEAUTY EVERYDAY!

Beginning in September, we will host a visiting artist workshop once a month the studio. These workshops will feature rug hookers, knitters, dyers, crocheters, spinners, and more!

Our schedule is just starting to fill out but we want to whet your appetite NOW for the fibre feast we are preparing!

At this point we want to hear from YOU!  Is there an instructor that you would love to take a workshop with?  Do you CREATE BEAUTY EVERYDAY and feel inspired to share your art?  We would love to hear any ideas you have – feel free to leave a comment below or email at dfstudio@eastlink.ca

7 thoughts on “We Need Your Opinion…please comment tell us what you think

  1. I’ve gone to the “birds” since being in Belize, but my hooked birds don’t compare to the ones in a display I took in recently by Shirley Hiltz of New Ross NS. I would love to sit in on a workshop with someone of this calibre, and subject matter.


  2. Unfortunately I live too far away to be able to take part in these upcoming workshops … to bad, they sound interesting and fun. It’s probably a good thing that I can’t attend though — I find it hard enough to find the time to do the amount of rug hooking I want to do. I would have a whole bunch of unfinished items lying all over the house! 🙂


  3. I’m excited for all you’re doing, Meghan! Any chance you could set up a visiting artist’s workshop in Colorado? With Deanne as the instructor?! That would be my choice…I’d sign up…twice…

    I’m going to be with the Denver hooking group this weekend…maybe they’d be interested in hosting…hmmmmm….

    Never mind…I know that’s too much to ask…just my idea of a perfect workshop…rug hooking, teaching, nearby, and Deanne!



  4. Hi Megan,( and welcome to NS!)and Hi Deanne and Company.
    I love workshops and have taken myself off across the country for work related as well as personal interests :writing, weaving, spinning on a drop spindle etc. At least 6 from Deanne for rug hooking!
    My suggestion would be to check with prospective artists on whether they would demonstrate , (which is fine!) or teach. Adult Ed. techniques may be new to some folks and even some exceptional artists can smother a new learner’s excitement if the are frustrated with beginners. Just something to check with presenters. Most of my experiences were wonderful but a couple were very expensive disappointments.
    Very excited to see the schedule!
    Have to get back to my laundry now…I’m hooking Deanne’s Windy Washday!
    Happy Day


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