teach until the lights start to flicker

Dear Diary, I cannot begin to tell you what a workshop in the studio is like. I can only tell you this..

I get excited before people come and a little anxious.

After they leave I feel like I lost something.

I love to be able to lay a hand full of wool on the frame and know that it is exactly the right thing.

I like the light that happens in people’s eyes when I do that.

I love to teach in a natural way with out pressure or curriculum.

I love the variety of people who gather with different abilities and ideas.

I learn myself.

I teach.

Other’s learn.

People leave different then they came some how…at least that Is what I hope.

That lights go on and glimmer for months after wards when they sketch and see their own wool.

I want to keep teaching here in the studio. I want lights to be flickering here all the time.

Megan Ingman, who works with me is planning a studio series with many great teachers.

So we can use that workshop space and fill it with ideas, energy, life.

So that we can take ideas and make them tangible.

So that we can help others

Create beauty everyday.

Stay tuned…..

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2 thoughts on “teach until the lights start to flicker

  1. Hi Deanne,
    It looks like it was a wonderful workshop. I have booked off a Thursday in June, as I can’t wait until the October workshop to come up! I am so excited by the harbour rug I am working on. I love it when a rug flows!


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