Catherine Bussiere: Happy Mother’s Day!

I was 24 when I had my first son
I remember being pregnant at the time and having both this beautiful inner feeling of life forming inside me but also, being young and filled with other dreams, this idea that it was it, I would be a mother for ever and nothing else
a strange mix you may think
but none the less true
I’d wanted to be a photographer and a filmmaker
an artist of some kind
A mother I was to be

When the miracle of birth happened I became in awe of that creation and realized at once that nothing in my wildest dreams could ever compare to it

I could not take my eyes off of my son
and was constantly telling my husband to look at him
anything, all the time, no reason, look!

I remember the drive back from the hospital
I’d driven that road a hundred times
a half hour drive in the Nova Scotian country side
that day it was all new to me
as if I saw it for the first time
and that little bundle in the baby car seat
the world to me

is he breathing?

Motherhood changed me
I was responsible of one’s life
what a commitment
what a responsibility
what an amazing and crucial job

as any mothers knows it isn’t easy
there may be books
but all that is really needed is heart
and common sense

I have been blessed with three children
they have made me grow
they have made me better
anytime I think of them my heart swells

and you know what
this isn’t it
I realized as they grew
that I was not just a mother
I am still a photographer and a filmmaker
I just got better

ps. my reward on mother’s day from my wonderful daughter
fresh baked banana chocolate chip muffins with chi latte
served in bed at 7:30 with a movie which I watched between her and my son

Happy Mother’s Day!




8 thoughts on “Catherine Bussiere: Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. What a beautiful post Catherine. Parts of my motherhood have been painful this year, so I felt very blessed to have an escape spa night at White Point with my eldest son. The setting was lovely, but the most special part was that my son wanted to spend the time with me and was willing to take time out of his busy schedule to hang out with his mom.


  2. A beautiful mother’s day poem. while far from my children, that happens as they grow and move on with their lives, I was remembered by them and my grandchildren and my husband did a great job pinch hitting!


  3. Beautiful post today. Have been with my three kids at varies times this weekend. Thanks for the Great landscape class, enjoyed every minute.


  4. it brought me to tears…I have to find a way to send it to my kids…thank you….Carol


  5. What a nice tribute as to what being a mother can reveal of oneself. It’s all hidden until you discover it by yourself. No book can teach you that. It like discovering that real love can only grow and never run our of essence. It’s unexplainable and can only be felt. What a special gift of Motherhood really is…

    From one mother to another,


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