Is it really that way?

Dear Diary, I like to play with aps to edit pictures, these were done on Wood Camera but I also use Camera Plus sometimes. Occasionally I use Instagram. I always feel that I am cheating a little bit because these programs put an interesting wash over a photograph making everything look good. My daughter says everyone looks prettier in an instagram. As much as I like to play with these edits I do not like how they take you a step away from the way things really are. But then again doesn’t art always do that a little. It takes reality and changes it to reflect the artists point of view. As long as you admit to the edits then I suppose it is fine.

These two lighthouses are the most famous ones around here. One is near St. John’s , NL and the other is near Halifax, NS.

Today we had the first day of our landscape workshop and everyone got a good bit done on or completed a small piece. Every person in the class is there as a first timer so it is interesting to see their work and watch them respond to my ideas. We had some good work done there today and I had a beautiful day with them. We have participants from Nova Scotia, Miinnesota, Indiana, Massechusetts, Pennsylvania,Iowa and Ontario, and a few more places too. It is exciting to see everyone together, so glad they are all here.



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