Brampton…Ontario …anyone know anyone?

Dear Diary, My son has asked me to ask all of you if you know anyone in Brampton who is looking for a room mate or border for the summer as he has a summer job there. He is serious, if you know anyone please leave a comment or give me a call. He just got a great job in a business there for the summer and needs to get a place to stay. He is a good young man ( I am his mother after all) and would be a great tenant or border. So let us know if you know someone in Brampton, Ontario who wants a twenty year old summer student to live with them. He is mature and sensible. There is my pitch.

So today I had a great visit with Heidi Wulfraat. We had a few laughs and really enjoyed each other. I left with some handspun for a new rug I am working on and a swift and a ball winder for the studio. Heidi has also started carrying great fabrics so I bought some curtain fabric and I am going to handset curtains for my kitchen. I like to handset curtains, one nice straight line across.

Last week I met some women for lunch in Pugwash at The Elms restaurant and they had a great idea for gorgeous fabric. It was simply six blocks of wood covered with fabric. It would also be lovely covered with dyed wool. You could use canvases if you wanted. I think fabric is really getting me excited lately. I put both pictures here because there is such subtle differences in the light I could not decide which one I liked better. I also love the pressback chair peeking up the side of the picture. Composition, even in a snap off your phone is always worth considering. I have oodles of new wool…56 bolts I counted. I have not had curtains for years in my houses but I just hung some in my front room and now have plans for kitchen curtains and maybe some out of linen( yes the backing) for another room. All just a simple fold over with a hand sewn straight stitch on a clean simple rod.

So that is the news today…we need a boarding house in Brampton, Ontario, and I bought fabric for curtains. All ends of the spectrum, thanks for reading. I’ll look forward to your studio visits this summer.

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8 thoughts on “Brampton…Ontario …anyone know anyone?

  1. Oh Deanne, this just cracked me up to see you looking for a place for your son to live for the summer.

    During my teacher training, I was assigned a four week practicum in Saint John. Unlike your son, I didn’t have a car, so needed to be close to the school. My husband drove me to the school the weekend before I had to move there and assured me he would find a place for me to stay. This was 25 years ago and we didn’t have a blog. But he is a resourceful man, a salesman, who makes his living by asking strangers to buy things from him. He parked the car in front of the school and walked to the first house he saw and knocked on the door. When the lady of the house opened the door, he explained he needed a place for his wife to live for four weeks and could she suggest anyone in the neighborhood who might want a quiet, responsible boarder. She looked at him and said, “Sir, you must be a Christian”. And he replied, “Well as a mattr of fact I am, but how could you tell?” And she said, “Only someone who trusts in the Lord would pass their wife over to strangers. Go get your wife and I’ll show her the room”.

    So I moved in with Bea and Lou and at the end of four weeks I’d put on 10 pounds. Lou drove me to and from the bus station every weekend so I could come home to Amherst, even though the bus didn’t get in until almost 11 on Sunday night. Lou and I watched TV together every evening while I finished a cross stitch picture for my father. They were a blessing to someone away from home dealing with the pressures of practice teaching – during a labour action by the teachers as I recall.

    I hope you find the right people for your son, but warn him to watch what he eats and exercise or he’ll come home not fitting any of his clothes. Sally


  2. Hi Deanne,
    NIce to hear your son has a summer job. Good for him. I have copied your post to my sister who lives north of Brampton, but lived for many years in Brampton. I’ll let you know if she knows of anybody. You’ve probably thought to check Sheridan College Brampton campus already, but if not that is an idea.


  3. Deanne, just FYI, Brampton is a big city. Perhaps you could indicate the approximate location of where he’s working, because presumably he’ll want to be reasonably close? Will he have his own transportation?


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